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This Is An Excellent Opportunity!

    We are now offering our rental services to Parenting Classes, Adoption Classes, and Babysitter Training Classes!

      We ask that you respect and care for our property. Adult supervision MUST be provided when juveniles are caring for the baby simulators.

      A Rental Contract is emailed immediately after an order has been placed. Rental baby and supplies are shipped upon receipt of signed rental contract. Clients select baby simulator of choice and the date of delivery.



      We are not affiliated with or sponsored by Realityworks®



Baby Think It Over program is unique and priceless project for parenting class, adoption class, and babysitter training classes for people that need to experience hands-on infant care and parenting training. Many adults and teens struggling with mental health issues reach out for training and help to assure proper care of their newborn baby. Realityworks created this excellent school program using a unique electronic baby. Hands-on infant care training in the privacy of your own home. Realityworks teen pregancy prevention program was designed as a real to life baby experience. The Real Care Baby requires care day and night. RealCare Baby, also known as Baby Think It Over, are offered as rentals to Adults and Teens as an inexpensive option for infant care training and even dog and cat introduction to a baby with sensitivity training for them. The computerized fake baby requires bottle feeding, burping, diaper changing, and rocking.

RealCare Baby Think It Over Rentals are an inexpensive Infant Care Training opportunity



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