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Affordable Rentals:

    We offer our RealCare Baby rentals without a security deposit and at a reasonable price because we genuinely care about the educational opportunity that the infant simulators offer. You are requesting a parenting simulation with a computerized baby simulator. We expect that you will respect and care for our property. Adult supervision MUST be provided when a juvenile is caring for the baby simulator.

    Our baby simulators are available on a first-come first-served basis.

    A Rental Contract is emailed after order has been made. Rental baby and supplies will be shipped upon receipt of approved & signed rental contract. You have the opportunity to select your baby simulator of choice and also the date of delivery.



    We are not affiliated with or sponsored by Realityworks®



Real Care Baby requires care around the clock. Our RealCare Baby dolls offer priceless introduction to infant care and a pet's introduction to an infant. RealCare Baby is an incredibly important tool for parents to be. The Empathy Belly rental is a great way to instantly look and feel pregnant. We make the Baby think it over program available to all U.S. residents for in-home use. Realityworks created this excellent high school program using an electronic baby which is now used in parenting classes nationwide. The dolls are used for newborn infant training and adoption preparation.




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