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    We truly thank you for providing us with such a wonderful and unique experience. It was such a gift to have this little boy in our home. We named him Sly. I have enjoyed rocking him. Being a young wife with little experience it took a while to get the hang of things, but it simply breaks my heart that we have to give him back so soon. Thank you again! I really do think that every young couple needs to take part in this program prior to having their own baby. This was extremely helpful and is a great tool. This kind of personal experience can't be gotten from books.

    Sincerely, The Klawikowski's



      This was an EXCELLENT Program for our Montessori School students!!! Extremely cost effective and technical support was kind to all of our families. Keep up the good work. We've already booked our rentals for next year :) Again, thank you so much.

      Katherine Young of The Montessori School



        My family and especially our daughter are incredibly thankful for the opportunity that you gave her to become a mom (even if only for a few days), it was a heartfelt project which was excellent for our severely autistic child. Although our daughter is generally a very low spectrum reactive personality, we saw her light up for the first time in many years. God Bless & may many autistic care givers use this fantastic short term parenting program!

        The Mott Family



          My pregnancy and our new baby was going to be rough on our 4 year old until we rented this training baby, which was delivered by our mailman. Our son was wicked when he saw the baby, immediately jealous beyond belief. I even caught him slapping the baby simulator in the face when I left the room to get the baby bottle. I was out of my mind and couldn't believe that my sweet loving child would be so mean to an infant. We were scared and saddened by his many negative actions toward this fake baby. He just couldn't even stand to look at him. We extended our rental to 14 days which turned into new sibling therapy for our son. It took 8 days before he was was interested in what the baby was doing. He eventually started to sit with us while we were feeding or burping the baby. He wanted no parts of being around for the diaper changing, not sure why since the baby doesn't mess in it's diaper. Our son potty trained young so maybe he's just not a fan of diapers. Your representatives were a great help! I guess you've heard it all but we're all very appreciative and can now look forward to the birth of our second child next month. This was a much needed experience.

          Felicia, Vance, and Josh



          Well, we shipped our baby girl back today and we took a 4 hour nap. LOL. I can't begin to express our sincere gratitude for allowing us this opportunity. We decided on day 5 of our rental that there was no way that we were ready to become parents. We had felt pressured by our ages (28 and 30) to start a family. We need to make SERIOUS adjustments to our lives in the next year to properly become the best parents we can be. We enjoyed the experience, although exhausting for such a relatively short term of 7 days. We even went the extra mile of learning about babyproofing and visited daycares to see which ones accept newborns and which ones were good and sadly very, very, expensive. Everyone we met on our journeys with our baby told us they thought it was a great idea for us to do the project, which we had already figured out for ourselves. We took it very seriously and look forward to hearing back from your office with our project results. Again, thank you so much.

          Rob & Leah, Go Big or Go Home Huffington!



          Wow! We hadn't a clue how life was going to change when our teen daughter was going to have her baby under our roof. We imagined that the brunt of the work could actually be on her, but we quickly learned that we were going to be in the thick of it as well. While our 16 year old daughter cared for her baby simulator for the 10 days that we rented it for her, she went through extremes every single day. We had to extend our rental to a 20 days! She went from angry, to sobbing, to ignoring the baby, to finally acting like a mother. We were both horrified and finally relieved when she finally got herself together and cared for the electronic baby. WE DID NOT HELP! We did however offer emotional support since she was falling apart many of the first 10 days. We completed the Baby's First Year of Expenses worksheet that was provided and our daughter once again went into a severe depression that lasted about 3 days. She genuinely had no idea what this child was going to cost her and the financial assistance that she could get would only cover about 20% of the expenses of her babies first year. WE WILL NOT PAY for these expenses! She deliberately got pregnant to Keep Her Boyfriend! Wrong!! He broke up with her the day she told him she was pregnant. We had no idea that our straight A student was having sex, no signs, no mention, no warning at all. This boyfriend of hers was only 14 years old!! His parents are claiming ignorant and say to provide them with DNA results before they have to help financially, and only if the courts force them. Our family will be in absolute chaos for a minimum of 2 years, as we've been advised by a family counselor. Without this program we would have surely struggled far worse during the first couple months. She now has a full understanding of what she needs to do for this baby. After we returned the simulator, our daughter immediately signed up and started a course at the local technical trade school to enter the medical field and obtain a good paying job. With the terribly bad came an optimistic future. We had no hopes of a bright future for her a month ago. Thank you.

          Jessica & Joseph Mitchell



          Thank you for helping our autistic child experience the joys and the ups and downs of parenting. Even at 20 years old, he really had a hard time with the focus and attention required of the baby. We are grateful to your company. Truly.

          Liz Franklin



          Thank you! My hubby & I are so excited for our twins to come!! Our 20 day rental was the Best learning experience of our lives. We took our little rental babies with us everywhere. What a great training for new to be parents. My husband was a total wreck every time the babies cried. It's such a good thing that these were fake babies instead of the real thing. Our overall score that we received back from you was fair since we had no idea how to take care of a baby let alone the 2 babies that we're expecting in 5 months. We can't thank you enough for this dry-run of parenting. Mistakes that we won't need to make with our twins when they come home. We will recommend this program to all of our friends since they're all going to be starting families. God Bless!

          Carrie, Pete, and our future twins Jacob & Emily



          I had no plans for getting pregnant but my parents rented me one of these babies. They were trying to teach me how hard it is to be a teen parent. I was really mean to them when they rented it for me because I'm not even sexually active or even have a boyfriend. I felt like it was a punishment that I didn't deserve. But I do have a best friend who had a baby about 3 months ago. The first thing I'd like to say is OMG! These things are soooo exhausting. I thought it was gonna be no big deal since my mom only rented it for 4 days. I barely survived the first 24 hours. If this doesn't make teens think first so they don't end up pregnant, they are crazy. At the end as I was packing the baby up to ship back I was feeling whacked from lack of sleep. I'm not ready for parenting but thanks for the experience. I respect what you all do by renting these babies to people. No one would have a clue until they actually did the project. I know I didn't.

          Madison, Sacramento CA





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RealCare Baby Think It Over and Empathy Belly rentals have proven to be an incredibly important offering for our thousands of rental clients. Our By-Mail rental service makes it easy for anyone anywhere in the United States to participate in this home based project. Hands-on baby training in the privacy of your own home. Realityworks program is a unique interactive experience. Originally introduced as a teen pregnancy prevention program, Baby Think It Over, the program is now being used by adults during family planning and adoption preparedness. The electronic babies require a great amount of care, just as a newborn does.



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